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meh. working is different. it's not as bad as i thought it'd be. pretty easy. the only bad thing is i've yet to get a paycheck and i've been working there for almost 3 weeks. thats fucked up dude. but this week im suppose to get 2 paychecks so that should be good. uhm.

well today i got a surprise my stuey sent me flowers. and they are so pretty. <3 i love my stuey. he sent me tulips cause well they have special meaning cause he calls me his tulip <3 its sickening cute but its all good. :D stuey is so awesome. he knows how to make me smile its great. i should be getting some sleep since i hardly got any but meh. im watching my CSI dvds i got yesterday also from stuey. <3 im so happy. :D i love stu so fucking much. i dont know what'd i'd do without that boy. wither and die probably. wow. i dont like sara in CSI. she fucking sucks. i dont like her. AT ALL.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic those are my tulips <3

Image and video hosting by TinyPic i like that one its pretty.

tulips are now my favorite flower. stuey is my sunshine. hes awesome. hes great. i adore him. i got to pee isnt that lovely? meh i dont want to go to work tonight. but im off thursday so i reckon thats good. my knee hurts i t keeps trying to go out on me and i cant bend it really. bleh. i dont know. im done rambling now. so bye bye!


15th-Jun-2007 10:54 am - lalalalalalalala. sing me a tune.

new layout time. WOOOHOO! its another supernatural...

im not obsessed or anything i promise.

so lets update everyone my life.

i got a job. its alright. the people are cool i reckon. its 8.50 an hour so its good i guess.

stuey is still my one and only.

i need to dye my hair.

harry potter needs to come out.

i need to get paid.

life is all right.

im done now.

bye bye


1st-Jun-2007 01:34 am - boy oh boy oh boy.
its that time of the year again..

thats right.

my birthday. how exciting...NOT. oh well

but yeah. today is my birthday and also its katies.



okay im done.


23rd-May-2007 02:31 am - I like him, he says okie dokie.

my birthday is soon. next friday. 20..wow. no longer a teenager. i dunno. its not that big of a deal. birthdays arent a big deal to me anymore. katies birthday is then too so yay.

for my birthday i believe i want to go see Pirates of the caribbean end of the world. yip yip yip i do.

im sad. :( no more supernatural. i cant wait till it comes back on i guess im just going to have to watch my dvd and reruns this summer. i dunno.

then i need to go to the comic book store so i can get my supernatural comic and my other comic book im wanting since no book store i go to seems to carry them fucking assholes. alot of things im looking foreward too are coming soon. POTC....then the new comic comes out and then a book i want to read and lots of movies. yay.

my life is so very not exciting. i think im going to circut city thursday im going to finish my angel collection finally with season 5 and start my CSI collection. yay for dvd sales <3

well i guess thats all theres to say for now. bye bye


29th-Apr-2007 05:20 am - i love stu....
i love stu.

hes my love.

i'd be lost without him.

he makes me happy.

hes my everything.

i love him.

thats all.

hes all i ever want or need in this world.

im going to marry this boy.

and have his babies.

he makes my heart go pitter and patter.

his voice makes my breath catch and my heart skip a beat.

this post is all about his cause...he's my love and i dont know what i'd do without him.

one thing tho. i feel like one day im going to wake up and its all going to be a dream and then hes not going to be a stu and life is going to go back the way it was and that scares me to death. *sigh* i feel like its a dream and that its too good to be true. i know its not. but anyhow. im done.

i love stuey. <3


well well well..

lets see...

theres a new layout. YAY! i like it.

wow. my birthday is soon. its like creeping up on me. i cant believe im going to be 20 this year. its mind blowing. it seems like only last year i was hitting 16 and here we are almost 4 years later. with nothing to show but a couple of tattoos and a few piercings. makes me kinda sad. im not going to be a teenager anymore. i might not have had the best teenage years but i had some very good times.

i was talking to kassie tonight and it made me realize how much i miss 2004. that year was probably one of the best so far. there was some bad times but all the fun i had that year def out weighs the bad. i miss living with kassie casey and amy...we had really good times. i miss my friends. i hate looking back anymore cause it all makes me so fucking sad. the only thing i really sorta regret doing that year is losing my virginity to an cheating asshole who didnt really care about me. but meh. its all good. it was myown fault. i dont know. im just bleh.


i dont know whats wrong with me. i got all sad and shit all the sudden. :(

well i guess im going to go and stop my mindless rambling that no one on earth cares about. so im going to dry my hair...and then clean some and then either go to sleep or watch tv. so theres my plans. good bye.


17th-Jan-2007 04:06 pm - rawr. bleh. bad couple of days.
so lets see..

my uncle has been in the hospitalsince Sunday. sad. i've been at the hospital everyday since. he has to have open heart surgery friday so yeah thats very scary. :o(

i'm going back to virginia next sat and i really dont like my moms boyfriend. hes an asshole.

its realyl cold here and im about to go back to the hospital to see my uncle somemore. so yay. i dont know. im bored and scared and worried so yeah lets hope all goes well and hes okay after the surgery. :o)

but i love stu and thats all. i must go now. bye.


1st-Jan-2007 01:20 am - happy fucking new year...
sometimes i wonder why in the hell we celebrate a new year. i mean everyone just uses it as an excuse to go out and get wasted. i never understand it. so what its a new year who the fuck cares? i mean...the year is probably going to be as shitty as the last if not worse. i dont know maybe its just how im so cynical or whatever. i mean even thought last year wasn't a complete and utter waste it was the first part of the year.. maybe the last 4 or 5 months was the best..and maybe this year for me will be the best one in awhile i hope so but i dare not get my hopes up to high because when i do they always get crushed all to hell so not getting hopes up. but i rang in the new year talking to my stu and it couldn't have been a better way if i say so myself. but hopefully this year wont be like i think it will and it'll be a wonderful year full of wonderful things.

its been awhile since i've updated that just cause im lazy and i haven't really had time and i haven't really cared enough to. im still in wv. i've been having a good time so far. i've been with my uncle mostly but i did spend a couple weeks with kassie and casey and im going to see them again before i leave. bleh but the bad thing is i've been sick off and on for the past almost 3 weeks which really fucking sucks. christmas was okay. it rained and that just pissed me off. i really wanted a white christmas so much for wishing. it rained new years too yi fucking high.

also i got a new tattoo go me! i love my new tattoo. hes fucking awesome. hes on my right forearm. and before i leave here im going to get my cartilge done on both of my ears cause thats what i've wanted for awhile. my chest hurts. im bored.

but back to my bitching. last year started out pretty fucking horrible but it just got worse as it went on instead of better but about aug it got alot better and it has been since there. why is it such a big deal we made it to a new year? i mean yeah its a new year but why party? i really dont get it but then i really dont get any reason to party perhaps im just not the partying person that could be it. its like its just big excuse for everyone to go out and get trashed whats the point in that? bleh. i dont know. im just rambling as usual. so im going to stop. and im going to put up some pictures of me i took today so be prepared for ugly times! or not. so since its not going to let me im just going to go. bye
[mood| giddy]
[music|Soul Asylum-Runaway Train ]

rawr. so this week has been pretty good.

its starts out with....

Me going to see Guns N Roses on monday...and that kicked ass.. aside from the fucktard who fucked up november rain cause he can't play like slash and he sucks ass. i also got felt up by this big black chick who seemed to like my ass. but i had an AWESOME time. and it was great times. baltimore was a pretty cool city i wouldn't mind going there again..

and now im going back home for a visit sunday which should be good times. im going to get a new tattoo while im home. but me and my sister already have plans im going to see all my friends and everything and i cant wait. im really excited. i haven't been home since March and it might do me some good to get out and se ethem.

here lately i've been pretty happy but when that happens it always means something is about to fuck it up and i really really hope it doesnt. things have just been pretty calm and nothings been bothering me really. well aside from bleeding cunt week but thats expected everymonth. i just wished my uterus would fall out that would solve all my problems. bleh. but yeah. i dont have much to say. so i guess thats all. byyyyye.
[mood| content] [music| Sublime-Wrong way]

well well well. nothing new really. but i have new pictures to post cause well i dyed my hair and it's sexy. :o) also. i have new mood icons and well im not obsessed with David Boreanaz or bones at all i swear. :D todays been pretty boring but then what else is new? bleh. i dunno. its almost 6am i should be sleeping but whatever. daylight savings time is bootfucking me. as if my sleeping habits and shit isn't fucked up enough bleh. i dont know. rawr. i guess thats all i have to say for now so bye and i shall leave you with a couple of pictures of ugly me. 

okies.. im done so yeah. bye!



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